get off the content creation hamster wheel & create a content bank.

Content that not only delivers value but also converts to new leads, new sales, and new clients.

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You don't need to create more content.
You need a content bank of repurposed content.

When I launched the Done For You Content Kits and realized how much people LOVED them... I knew I had to put together a training showing you how to create your own content kit.

I've been called a 'content creation machine' more than a few times 😂

And I'm sharing my entire process for the first time EVER so that you can do it yourself and create your own specific, tailored, and converting content kit to get more visible!

With ChatGPT the entire content creation process became a lot easier...

but you still need to think about content in a strategic way. And you need to have a solid content workflow for re-using, recycling, and repurposing your content to make the most of it.

if you're someone who takes 2 hours to write one email newsletter or struggles to stay showing up consistently.. this is made for you!

Content Kit Magic

The quick and simple process of creating an evergreen bank of content that not only gets you more traffic, but drives more sales, attracts clients, and gets you off the content hamster wheel once and for all.

only $47

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Not all content is created equally and I don't want you creating content for no reason. We're covering the why & how behind strategic content.

Using keyword and competitor research you'll create content that drives more warm traffic to you, without having to show up every day.

Content takes time and we're going to use ChatGPT to make the most of the awesome content you create with a repurposing workflow.

Here's what you'll learn:

Step 1

how to stop creating content just for the sake of creating content.

Step 2

 a simple process for creating content that will attract.

Step 3

repurposing your content so you're able to be more visible.

I'm going to show you, step-by-step, how to create your own 'content kit'.

WTF is a content kit? You can check them out right here for reference, but basically, they are a strategically researched bank of content.

I'll be sharing my entire content creation process including keyword research, brainstorming, writing, editing, and repurposing... all in record time!

You'll be able to finally get off the content creation hamster wheel and create your own content 'kit' or content bank.



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to keep your evergreen content bank organized

Hey friend, I'm Tara.

i've also been referred to as 'a content machine' many times!

I love creating content. Evergreen content is a big part of my business and visibility, especially as an introvert. I want to get visible and grow my business without having to show up every day... or on every platform.

That's where an evergreen content bank comes into play.

I'm taking you through my entire content creation and content repurposing process to help you create your own bank of content. No more creating content on the fly or struggling with what to email to your list.

This is right for you if:

you're tired of creating content or it takes too long.

Content takes time, but it shouldn't take forever. You're ready to get off the hamster wheel and save time!

you want to learn a quicker process for content creation.

If you're ready for a streamlined workflow for repurposing your content, this is for you!

You are open to using chatgpt to help you (not do it for you).

I created the initial content kits without the help of ChatGPT but it makes it so much easier, so ChatGPT is a big part of the repurposing process.

Who exactly is Content Kit Magic for?

If you are a service provider, course creator, coach, or digital product seller then Content Kit Magic can help you. If you're tired of either: 1) creating content that doesn't work, 2) not creating content because you dislike it, or 3) like creating content but you want to create more for visibility... then this is for you.

What types of content does this cover?

I'll be sharing my own process, step-by-step, for the content kits so it will include first creating a blog post and then repurposing it into multiple email newsletters and social media posts. You can also use this process and flow with any other types of content and that will be touched on a bit during the training.

Will this really help me save time while creating content?

Yes! Creating content should be fun and it shouldn't take up a ton of time. It will also save you time because we are going to discuss how to not only repurpose your content, but also make sure you are re-using AND recycling your content, too.

I suck at writing, is this for me?

You don't need to be a perfect writer. I'm not and I love writing content! Your long-form main content might be videos and you can use the transcripts as your repurposing piece... completely up to you! There are other ways to create content without writing.

I have another question that isn't answered here.

No problem! Send me an email at


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Let's increase your visibility with content

and stop spending so much time creating content that doesn't get results!

let's do this!